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Umschlagsplatz für Agrarprodukte
Schiffs Umschlagsplatz für Agrarprodukte

Since 1950…

Agrar-Speicher-Betriebs-Gesellschaft.m.b.H. was established in 1950 in Korneuburg. We offer a storage capacity of 40,000 tons of grain.

Apart from our ongoing investments in the modernisation of our grain elevator facilities and digitisation of our processes, we have constantly been expanding our storage capacities for organic products as well as our transport services.

In addition to our general services such as storage, transhipment, and port operations, we offer transports solutions for agricultural raw materials throughout Europe and beyond.

With over 70 years of experience, we provide solutions for your agricultural business that you can rely on. Our long-standing and happy customers include well-known Austrian and Central European traders and processors of agricultural products from the conventional as well as from the organic sector.



Schädlingsbekämpfung mittels Stickstoffanlage

Warehousing, quality assurance and port handling are the main competencies of our company.

In addition to ships and trucks, we also have our own railway connection on which block trains can be loaded.

For organic goods, we offer large-volume pest control through a nitrogen system with which your goods are freed from storage pests and their quality can be preserved.

Our facilities and processes are subjected to constant quality controls according to all relevant certifications in the industry: GMP+, ISCC, Bio-Austria, Bio-Suisse.

Through an online access, our customers can track the movements and handling of their goods stored with us. A fully electronic document flow ensures efficient, fast, and secure handling of all processes.

Agrar-Speicher Verladung
Agrar-Speicher Verladung

The two silo buildings in Korneuburg have a total storage capacity of 40,000 tons of grain. They are located directly on the banks of the Danube and are connected to the European waterway network via our own landings.

30,000 tons are handled here on the water side every year. A total of 100,000 tons are handled annually at this location by rail, road and water. The direct connection to Vienna’s northern bypass (S1) and the Donauufer Autobahn (A22) makes this location one of Austria’s most important transhipment points for agricultural products.

  • weighbridges or automatic bulk scales

  • bulk chute under roof

  • cleaning

  • ventilation

  • modern laboratory room

  • Certified warehouse for organic goods (20,000 tons)

  • electronic temperature monitoring

  • Block train loading possible within 3 days

  • 800 to/d loading capacity ship

  • 500 to/d unloading capacity ship

  • 300 to/d loading capacity rail – organic goods

  • 400 to/d loading capacity rail – conventional goods

  • 400 to/d unloading capacity railway

  • 800 to/d loading capacity truck

  • 800 to/d unloading capacity truck


Bio Garantie LW

Download our quality certificates here.

Agrar-Speicher-Betriebs-Ges.m.b.H is ISCC certified since August 2014. ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a sustainability standard for the renewable energy sector, based on the criteria of sustainable management, CO2 calculation and traceability. As part of an ISCC certification, the path of bioenergy along the entire value chain, from the field to the production of bioenergy, is documented. The certificate proves that the traded biomass was produced in accordance with the required sustainability requirements.

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